"Ile is my strength. There's no one I admire more than her. She has so much strength inside, ever since we were kids. It was wonderful seeing how far she had gotten today! I'm immensely proud! And Isa, my sweet little Isa... She is the one that makes me complete. Our personalities are completely different, just as they are the same. I don't know where is her start or my ending. I cannot imagine life without feeling her little heart beating against mine. I mean it, literally." Registered & Protected

Prophecies by Phillip Glass from Koyaanisqatsi.

Hampshire Ritual theme. 

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Entre Ciel Et La Fer - Les Fragments de La Nuit AKA Michelle’s Lobotomy.

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Schubert - Death and the Maiden

String quartet no. 14 in D minor “Der Tod und das Madchen” D810
Performed by the Takacs Quart

Does anyone but me see Mic hallucinating? =B

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Schubert - Ständchen (Serenade) AKA Matt & Etoile’s theme

Orginally for tenor and piano, arranged for cello and piano in D minor

Performed by Anne Gastinel, cello
Claire Désert, piano

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Idk if anyone will like, reblog or even listen to it. But this song is my inspiration for now and its gotta be on my tumblr <3